Tribulus Terrestris Extract 98% (Micro-scoop Included)


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Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris) is a plant that grows in the Mediterranean and in subtropical and desert regions around the world, including India, Vietnam, China, Spain, Mexico, and Bulgaria. This common weed is particularly well-adapted to warm, dry regions. It got its nicknames “puncture vine” and “devil’s thorn” from the spikes that cover its fruits.

Although there are over 25 species of Tribulus plants, most of the research focused on Tribulus Terrestris.

This plant has a long history of use in ancient medicine systems. As part of Indian and Chinese traditional medicine, the roots and the fruits of Tribulus were considered remedies for numerous ailments and used as general health tonics. Its historical uses include boosting libido and fertility, flushing fluid buildup (edema), reducing kidney stones, and fighting urinary tract infections.

Today, Tribulus is commonly marketed and supplemented for increasing testosterone, libido and strength. Tribulus supplements are popular performance enhancers among bodybuilders. Others take Tribulus for its alleged heart-protective effects or to remedy sexual issues.