Phenibut HCL 99% 500mg Capsules

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Anxiety-reduction is the most commonly recognized benefit of Phenibut and was documented by Izyaslav Lapin. Anxiety may be caused by the brain focusing on and overworking unimportant details. Turning off this distracting neuron processing may free the person to process a broader, more productive range of stimuli.

Reduces Social Anxiety

This anxiolytic effect can lead to more rewarding social interactions. There is some limited research supporting enhanced cognitive processing following Phenibut consumption, but the primary and supported benefit is anxiolytic.

Restores Healthy Sleep Patterns

People living through depression, anxiety, stressful life events, and hormonal changes, like menopause, often report deteriorating sleep quality. Some have been unsuccessful using Melatonin and are unwilling to use pharmaceutical sleep aids. The lack of quality sleep can create an unbroken cycle of impaired cognitive processing, leading to more anxiety, and resulting in even more lost sleep. Phenibut used as an ataractic supplement or sedative can restore helpful, natural sleep patterns, duration, and quality.