Fasoracetam ≥ 99% Powder


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The synthetic smart drug, Fasoracetam, is one of the newest of its kind on the market today.
Although there is limited testing of this racetam, it’s definitely one to watch. Claims suggest that
this supplement has loads of benefits besides the touted focus and neuroprotection. Many clinical
trials still need to be done to determine if it’s benefits are as good as they claim. However, there are
many researches which confirm its ability for both concentration and memory retention.

Fasoracetam is a great alternative to other prescription drugs on the market for
both the young and old. If the claims of this super drug are even half true, it can help both youths
battle ADHD and older generations with age-related memory loss such as Alzheimer’s.


Memory Retention

— Mood Enhancement

— Concentration and Focus